Why India Cannot Smile?

How much does it cost you to stretch your face muscles, show your yellow teeth shamelessly, smile and say a sheepish “hello” to stranger walking by?  Not much I guess.  But, Indians think that a smile or a random “hello” would torch everything and the poor world will burn down to ashes while contrary to the assumed belief, it lightens up everything.  We cannot smile! Does that not make us strange in a weird way? It does, to some extent.

WHY WE CAN NOT GREET A STRANGER PASSING BY???  What is holding us up? May be we have never been to a dentist?  May be the fear of a tight slap right across your face from that stranger?

The fact of the matter is that you cannot smile at everyone you see in a day, but you apparently can be pleasant to someone you work with or share a neighborhood.  I see people I know, but although they say “hello” and feel perfectly friendly, they don’t actually smile much, in fact I would be as bold as to say that they do not smile at all. Nonetheless, you would be stared at so hard that you might just piss your pants!

Of late, a married buxom beauty who works in my office—not in the same business as I am in—said “hi” to me on some impulse and within seconds said “sorry” to me as if saying “hi” to person you hardly know is a crime. Boy! I was embarrassed to death and my friends laughed at me. Why did the earth not open up and swallow the damsel in distress? J

We all know that better clothes, a new haircut or losing weight all help you feel more confident but nothing makes you much stronger than a wilder smile.

Smile when you are in sorrow. Smile when you want to cry. Smile when it seems that your life is over. Smile when it hurts to try. Smile and others will smile with you. Smile to forget the pain. Look at these smiling faces from around the world. And then go ahead — smile again.

Things would always be rainbows and butterflies—learn to smile.

A smile cost nothing but gives much…it takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever – unknown


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