Indian cinema – there is no story, and no character !

Cinema is a stuff which is made of dreams, limitless imagination and desire to tell a story which has never been told in our bizarre world of dramatic events. Story so strong that it makes audience bite their nails and jump on their chairs. It is considered to be a medium which conveys a message—most often than not, a social one—to its audience and alter the way people think or behave, expectably in a positive manner. If it cannot bring about a change, it is supposed to entertain its subscribers without any unimaginative story. Incapable of doing either of it? Then, it has lost its sense of purpose and the accountability it has towards society.

The reason why I am saying all this is because content of modern Indian cinema—upto an extent— has gone down so deep in abyss that I wonder it would ever be able to raise its neck high. It incessantly pains and tortures its viewers so bad that you are most likely to bang your head against the wall or get in a scuffle with the person sitting next to you out of boredom and agony. The characters of movies are foul mouthed, storylines are mostly the same as of the bygones or poorly altered or may be in some cases shamelessly stolen, and music sucks like it has never sucked before, very few actors are capable of delivering a performance which cannot even be termed as extraordinary.  For example, if you watch recent movies—to name few—Agent Vinod, Jannat2, Agneepath etc. you are most likely to abhor the filmmaker.

The internet and newspapers are generally abuzz with spectacular movie reviews—terming movies as “super hit” or “blockbuster”.  And, that makes you questions the integrity of reviews and why critical taste is failing to deliver what it is expected of. There is something grossly wrong with the imagination and artistic sensibility of Indian filmmakers but they still got to thank the modern proletariat middle class that is willing to pay for a trip to local mall in order to watch a movie.

So, Why is it that we are paying for movies wherein they just make a lot of noise?


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